Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Magical Words

In addition to our learning journey learners gained a sense of responsibility towards the ways we can make our communication effective by using polite words in our daily language. They were introduced with the magical words like ‘Sorry’, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ etc which we should use in our communication.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Exhibition Day

To culminate the theme journey, learners confidently presented about means of communication. Learners wholeheartedly showcased their understanding of the theme by sharing their views and ideas during their exhibition. Little learners have enjoyed their learning journey from the beginning of the unit till its culmination and have put in praiseworthy efforts. 

Class Party!!! Happy Vacations!!!

Image result for posters on the last day of kg I 2016-17

Learners had a fun filled class party on the last working day of Pre-Kindergarten  for this session wherein they shared homemade eateries and rocked their feet on their favourite song and made each and every moment a memorable one. 

Presentation Day

Learners enthusiastically participated in the role play to culminate the theme wherein, they presented about their favourite means of communication. They confidently presented their understanding on the form of communication either verbal or non-verbal and information and function of the selected means of communication by sharing what kind of information can be conveyed through it. 

Survey Reflection

Learners enthusiastically presented different perspectives about the reasons for communication which they came across while conducting the survey amongst family members, to explore their query “Why do you communicate" ? They explored variety of reasons people communicate for.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Why Do You Communicate?

Learners enjoyed the survey enthusiastically wherein they inquired with PYP facilitators and their seniors, knowing the purpose they communicate for. The research work was fruitful and explored end numbers of reasons we communicate with others.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Purpose Of Our Communication?

Learner had yet another fantastic day wherein they stamped their feet on the song 'Good morning, How are you?' Ms. Aparna Ghosh facilitated little learners towards the next line of inquiry – why do we communicate? They were given situations how to communicate with peers. They enjoyed the story session on the different moods they reflect in their daily lives.